Everbrand Sweden

About us

At Everbrand Sweden, we are driven by the joy and passion of finding solutions that make everyday life a little easier, a little better. We do this through high quality, reliable brands. Brands that are close to both the manufacturing process and to our customers. Always with commitment and care for customers. Welcome to us!

Where brands meet people

At Everbrand Sweden, we strive to be the leading manufacturer, producer and distributor of strong brands in the home and leisure sectors – brands that nurture, brands for people. Our wide range of products of the highest quality means that we are an obvious partner.

Made in Sweden

Our manufacturing and distribution takes place in the heart of Småland, Hillerstorp, which creates profitability for our customers through fast deliveries and highest quality awareness. It also brings added value as we create work opportunities for people with different backgrounds and conditions for a long and sustainable life.

Grow with us

Why should you choose to collaborate with Everbrand? We believe in long-term relationships where together we can develop and reach greater heights in order to create profitability, new markets, but also the understanding of new purchasing behaviours and the desire for constant involvement.