Absodry Duo Family

Products that reduce the risk of moisture, bad odors and mould.

From wet to dry

The ABSODRY range is an effective way to dehumidify a space with various smart containers and special dehydrating crystals. These absorb excess moisture from the air, which subsequently accumulates in the various containers and helps to reduce the risk of moisture, bad odours and mould. The range is largely based on refill and thus provides an opportunity for recurring contracts and longer business relationships with your customers.

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Absorbs moisture

Absodry Duo Family is a decorative and efficient moisture absorber that works in silence and absorbs excess moisture


Removes bad odours

Moisture can carry bad odors. So using Absodry Duo Family also reduces odors and the space feels fresher.


Keeps moisture levels under control

Absodry effectively removes excess moisture from the space it is placed in. When a healthy humidity level is reached, the process stops and the level then remains stable.

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