Absodry Duo Family – Questions and answers

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What do I do with the liquid when inserting a new refill into Absodry Duo Family Moisture Absorbers?

Simply pour the liquid down the drain. Make sure you rinse any liquid that comes into contact with metal because it might corrode if left for too long.


For how long will the effect of Absodry Duo Family Moisture Absorbers last?

It depends on the levels of humidity and where they are placed. Between 1-3 months in the spaces that Absodry’s different products are designed for.


What to do if the liquid from Absodry or Absodry Duo Family Moisture Absorbers are spilled on a carpet?

Wipe up and wash with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary.

Do the moisture absorbers work below zero Celsius?

Below zero the process will stop, but it will reactivate if the temperature rises over zero again.