Products that reduce the risk of moisture, bad odors and mould.

From wet to dry

Absodry is all about an effective way to dehumidify a space, using a design moisture absorber. Our special dehydrating crystals draw moisture from the air and allows it to condensate in the bottom part of the moisture absorber. When the absorber is full and the crystals are consumed, just start over with a new Absodry refill, and Absodry will continue to devour moisture.

No electricity needed and no noise
Absodry needs neither a connection to the powerline nor a battery. It just works. The special dehydrating crystals react to the moisture in the air and condensate into water. The Absodry Moisture Absorber creates no noise other than a still dripping. Simple and effective.

No more mold
By lowering the level of humidity in the air Absodry prevents the growing of mold. It is good for both you and your items. The optimum level of humidity in a space is between 45-65 %. At this level we as humans thrive and our items last for long. The level of humidity can vary a lot in different places and some spaces and constructions are more sensitive than others. Absodry Moisture Absorbers are constructed to lower the humidity to be within the optimum span. After that the process stops. If the humidity, then raises again the process automatically starts over.


Keeps moisture levels under control

Absodry effectively removes excess moisture from the space it is placed in. When a healthy humidity level is reached, the process stops and the level then remains stable.


Reduces the risk of mold

Mold often contributes to allergy problems. As Absodry removes excess moisture, the risk of mold in this space is reduced.


Removes bad odours

Moisture can carry bad odours. So using Absodry also reduces odours and the space feels fresher.