Green Viking

Green Viking

Toilet hygiene for leisure time.

For better environments

Now you no longer need to find yourself surrounded by unpleasant odors from outdoor toilets. With GREEN VIKIN, Nordic Garden has developed a whole range of toilet hygiene products. They are based on environmentally friendly substances that are biodegradable.

GREEN VIKING not only keeps the toilet clean, it also prevents and removes bad odors. As much as 98.5% of the odor disappears according to report from SNTIF (Foundation for Industrial and Technological Research at the University of Norway)

GREEN VIKING works by accelerating the natural composting process by providing bacteria with the nutrition they prefer. This gives the bacteria the necessary energy needed to compost the waste without any odor.

Green Viking

With nature

Green Viking works with nature, not against it.

Green Viking

Naturally better air

Takes care of bad odours in a natural way - Naturally!

Green Viking

Against insects and vermin

Green Viking keeps away insects and vermin.

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