Isfritt – Questions and answers

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How cold can it be for IS-FRITT to work?

Is-Fritt is effective all the way down to -50 degrees and counteracts re-freezing and the effect lasts for a long time.

What does IS-FRITT contain?

IS-FRITT consists of pure calcium chloride and contains no additives that can harm animals or plants.

What is the pH value of IS-FRITT?

The product has a high pH value of 9.5.

Is IS-FRITT safe to use, does it satin?

Yes IS-FRITT is safe to use. It does not leave any stains.

Why does IS-FRITT work so well?

IS-FRITT differentiates considerably from ordinary road salt or thaw salt. It is more efficient and has a faster effect. This is due to the active ingredient of pure, highly concentrated calcium chloride. This means that IS-FRITT also works excellently for dust binding of, for example, roads, gravel paths and outdoor tracks during the summer.