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IS-FRITT® - Lightweight and practical


IS-FRITT is the market’s leading anti-slip agent. The granulated calcium chloride and the accompanying sprinkler make it easy and user friendly. Isfritt acts very quickly and is perfect to use on exposed areas such as steps, entrances, garage driveways and pavements. It can also be spread for preventive purposes.

IS-FRITT’s round shape means that it quickly sinks down into the ice, absorbs moisture and transforms it into liquid. This liquid lowers the freezing point of the water and melts any snow and ice it comes into contact with. This special property differentiates IS-FRITT from most other ice melting products. The process is quick because IS-FRITT creates heat when it dissolves.

IS-FRITT works in temperatures as low as -50 C, counteracts freezing and has a long-lasting effect. IS-FRITT consists of pure calcium chloride and contains no additives that can harm animals or plants. IS-FRITT has a high pH of 9.5.

IS-FRITT also works very well for dust control, for example on roads, gravel paths and outdoor tracks.

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Easy to use, leaves no trace and environmentally friendly

Use requires a smaller amount than other ice melting products. The product consists of pure calcium chloride and is gentle on the environment.


Quick effect and long-lasting

Thanks to ISFRITT's round granular shape, it sinks down into the ice faster than normal road gritting salt.


Sprinkler for easy use

Each ISFRITT product includes a sprinkler that distributes the product evenly over the surface.