ABSODRY MAXI absorbs excess moisture in ambient air, reducing the risk of mould and bad odors. The dehumidifier comes with a refill bag, which lasts for 1-3 months depending on the humidity of the air where it is placed. MAXI fits surfaces that are 22-23 m² in size. Available in black or white.


ABSODRY MAXI consists of three plastic parts and three bags á 450 grams. When mounting, place the flat lid on the base and then put the bag in place. Then place the perforated top over it. The bags absorbs moisture and liquid forms in the bottom. This liquid is simply poured out once the container is full. The liquid is not a danger to the environment but it is best to pour it down the drain.

How to use ABSODRY


  • Art. No: -
  • Dimensions: -
  • Weight: 1350 grams
  • Area of action: 22-23 m2
  • Pack contains: T
  • EAN: -