Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner 500ml


The Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner has been used professionally in shipyard- and off shore industries for a long time. We have packed it for consumer use. Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner bites into stubborn dirt and is made for easy removal of ugly, stained gelcoat, fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, steel, painted surface and teak deck. It is surprisingly quick and efficient and removes any dirt or yellowing and unsightly stains on the waterline and hull.

It effectively removes the yellow-brown coating at the waterline, hull side and around exhausts, and stains on and around fittings. Drives, propellers and trim planes are also easy to clean with Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner. Also excellent for exhaust and the stern drives, gears, propellers, and trims without damaging adjacent surfaces. It can be used on lacquered or painted surfaces, aluminum, steel, all gelcoat, fiberglass, plastic, rubber and teak. Pale teak becomes like new, and so does “impossible” aluminum boats. Although Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner is tough on dirt and stains, it is gentle on bottom paint, waxed surfaces and the environment.

The time Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner needs to do the job varies depending on the temperature and for how long the dirt has been on your boat. One bottle is enough for a large family cruiser. If you accidentally happen to spill some Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner on your hand, you will have plenty of time to rinse with water without getting burns.

Use and storage

For best results, rinse off, let dry and spray on a dry surface.

As tough as the Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner is against dirt and discoloration, just as gentle, it is on bottom paint, varnished surfaces, wax and the environment. Spray, wait a minute, rinse thoroughly with water. You can really see how the dirt rinses off and the boat becomes like new again.

Sharkbite is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner should not be stored below +10°C

How to use Sharkbite Waterline Cleaner


  • Art. No: 8300
  • Size: 500 ml
  • Weight: 600 grams
  • Pack contains Spray bottle
  • Important Do not store below +10 ° C
  • EAN: 7350000850024