T.DRY Odor Away Spray- fresh


T.DRY Odor Away Spray  Fresh – Is the best odor blocking spray that neutralizes unwelcome smell. It come with a fresh scent and effectively removes a wide range of odor contaminants such as sweat. Can be used on clothes, textiles and shoes and it removes foul-smelling acids and amines. Odor Away Spray can also be used in liquid form in the sewer and other waterborne systems.


For best effect spray T.DRY upwards, in the place with a bad smell, to remove bad odor and to create a fresher space.

How to use T.DRY Odor Away Spray


  • Art. No: 7218-F
  • Dimensions: L 40 x B 40 x H 120 mm
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Area of action: ca 6 m²
  • Pack contains: one odor blocking spray
  • EAN: 7350000859669