Torrbollen Refill

Torrbollen refill


Torrbollen® can be reused with a refill. A refill bag usually lasts between 1-3 months, depending on how humid the air is. This pack contains 1 refill bag and is packed in cardboard.


  1. Open the packaging Torrbollen® – Refill. Tear away the plastic around the cloth bag.
  2. Open the lid of Torrbollen®. Throw away the empty cloth bag. Pour any collected liquid from the bottom of Torrbollen® down the drain.
  3. Put a new Torrbollen® – Refill cloth bag on the perforated plate. Put the lid on Torrbollen®.


  • Art. No: 7104
  • Dimensions: L 100 x W 50 x H 150 mm
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Area of action: 12-14 m²
  • Pack contains: 1 st refill bag
  • EAN: 7350000854008