The perfect solution for hard dirt and discoloration on boats, cars, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, etc. With Sharkbite as a cleaning agent, it is quick and easy to get rid of ingrained dirt. Some call it magic. We just call it Sharkbite.

Sharkbite – Suddenly it is fun to wash the car, the boat, and the camper van. What used to take hours will be ready in a few minutes and you won’t have to toil to get it clean. Sharkbite bites surprisingly quick and efficient on hard dirt and discoloration with amazing results. Have you not tried our products yet? Then maybe it’s time.

Tips for using Sharkbite’s cleaning products:
Sharkbite is an extremely potent remedy, you should therefore be careful and try it on a small area first, to see what happens so you won’t get surprised. Always rinse loose vegetation and dirt before cleaning and spraying on Sharkbite. You can preferably use the high-pressure cleaner first, at least on the surfaces that can withstand that type of pressure. Then make sure the surface you want to clean is dry before spraying directly where you want it to work. If you spray Sharkbite’s products on a wet surface, the product will be diluted, and you risk a lesser effect. Let the product work for 3-5 minutes, depending on the result you see, then rinse thoroughly and let it dry. Repeat the procedure if there is any residue of dirt left.

Warm temperature equals quick cleaning
Sharkbite always bites quickly and efficiently. For best result it is easier to work on a warm surface than a cold one and it makes the work smoother. The warmer the temperature, the faster it goes. It is also important to hose off with water as soon as you are ready. Therefore, try on a small area first. Then decide if you are going to take one piece at a time or the entire surface at once. If you are satisfied, just go. If you are not satisfied with the result, it may be due to the temperature. That it is simply too cold. The colder it is, the more time is required for cleaning the waterline, for example, or for digesting a barnacle. You may then need to leave the product on for a few extra minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and work methodically
You can be safe with all Sharkbite’s cleaning products as long as you rinse the products off with water when you are done. Be careful that there are no residues that lingers and “bites” on the hull, metal, plastic, rubber, or PVC for a long time, e.g., over the winter. Always spray on one area or surface at a time, rub it, and rinse with water.

If you don’t believe in Sharkbite – you haven’t tried it!


Well-tested brand

These products have been tested and used for many years with very good results. Try it and see for yourself.


Quick and efficient cleaning

Quick process from dirty to clean. To make cleaning easier for you.

Some call it magic - We call it Sharkbite

Now it doesn't take hours to clean the car, motorcycle, motorhome, caravan or boat. Cleaning is made easy with Sharkbite.

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