T.DRY – Questions and answers

Below you find answers to the most asked questions about the T.DRY range. Just scroll down to see if your question is already answered. If you don't get your question answered just send an email to hello@everbandsweden.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to sell the T.DRY range in my store. How do I start?

You can find contact details at our contact page or you can send an email to hello@everbrandsweden.com and we will get back to you for further discussion.

How many moisture absorbing squares can I have in one bag?

Up to two squares will fit in your bag for maximal absorption.


What does it mean when you say it is spill free?

The T.DRY Moisture Absorber will bind and crystalize the moisture into gel instead of liquid. This makes it safe to keep both in the car and the bag. No risk of leakage exists.


Where can I buy T.DRY?

You can find details about our partners by clicking here. You can also shop directly in everbrandstore.com.


How long will a square of T.DRY last?

One square will last for up to three months, depending on the existing amount of moisture where it is placed. It is then used up and you replace it with a new refill.