Products that removes moisture and bad odor where it is placed.

For a fresher space

Removes moisture and bad odor in your car or sports bag. The T.Dry range is about a simple and effective way to absorb moisture, remove bad odors and create a fresher space in your car or sports bag. The product comes with a stylish designer bag that contains two moisture absorbents that gets the job done. 100% no-spill-gel, lasts 1-3 months and after that you just change the refill.


T.DRY keeps moisture under control

T.Dry efficiently removes moisture from the space it is placed in. The T.DRY moisture absorbers also helps to reduce smell and the space where it's placed feels fresher.


Removes bad odors

Moisture can carry bad odors. To use T.DRY reduces the risk of odors and the space feels fresher.


Reduces the risk of mold

Mold often contributes to problems with allergy. T-DRY moisture absorber successfully removes moisture and therefore reduce the risk of mold where it's placed.

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