Torrbollen HOME

Torrbollen Home is the stylish moisture absorber that is designed for the modern home.

For a better environment

The Torrbollen Home is the moisture absorber for the modern home. For those who needs a moisture absorber and still wants it to look nice at home. Fits in any home, whether you have a minimalist style or have a little more of an eclectic mix of things at home. Maybe you belong to those who have a summer cottage and need a humidifier there? Or you have a laundry room where you need a stylish humidifier? No matter what it looks like at home, Torrbollen Home is created just for you. It blends nicely into any room in the home or office. With its Scandinavian and minimalist form, it gives a modern and decorative expression.

Makes the air optimal for our living conditions
The TorrbollenHOME is delivered with a refill bag of 600 grams with moisture-absorbing crystals. One bag lasts 1-3 months depending on how moist it is where it is placed. It is suitable for spaces up to 50m3. The crystals absorb excess moisture which condenses to water in the container. The Torrbollen Home is created to balance the humidity in its surroundings and make the air optimal for our living conditions. The Torrbollen HOME not only absorbs moisture and creates a pleasant indoor climate, but it also works in the quiet to counteract bad smells and mold.

Based on refills
The Torrbollen HOME is based on a refill system. When your refill bag is used up, you simply replace it with a new one and it continues to work in silence.

Climate neutral products
Both the Torrbollen Home humidifier and its packaging are made of 100% recycled material and therefore have a neutral climate footprint. It is manufactured in the heart of Småland where we are close to nature and protect the environment.

Torrbollen Home removes bad odors

Moisture can carry bad odors. So using Torrbollen Home also reduces odors and the space feels fresher.

Absorbs moisture

Torrbollen Home is an efficient moisture absorber that works in silence and keeps the humidity at the right levels.

Lasts up to three months

Torrbollen Home keeps the air fresh and removes excess moisture for up to three months, depending on the moisture levels where it is placed.

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