Torrbollen Moisture Absorber

  The original moisture absorber that absorbs moisture, bad smells, odor and mold. Simply creates a better indoor environment. The Torrbollen range consists of various smart containers and dehumidifying crystals that absorb moisture, bad smells and mold where you place it.

For a better environment

The Torrbollen makes sure that the optimal amount of moisture in a space is achieved. This level of optimal amount of humidity is created by the crystals that absorbs moisture when the humidity is too high. The crystals in the Torrbollen attract moisture, which in turn condenses into water down in the container and balances the moisture in its surroundings.

Comes in different sizes
The Torrbollen moisture absorber is available in different sizes and is made for all types of spaces. The optimal humidity level in a room is 45-60% humidity. That’s when we feel the best. If the humidity is higher than that, condensation forms that can contribute to mold and bad smells. If the humidity in a room is too low, it can lead to our mucous membranes becoming irritated and our skin becoming dry. The dry ball is therefore designed to ensure that the humidity remains at optimal levels.

Available for several places in the home
Your Torrbollen moisture absorber is suitable for a variety of places, such as the laundry room, kitchen, ventilation areas, bathrooms and more. Place it where it is damp, to lower the humidity and increase the feeling of well-being. When you use the Torrbollen moisture absorber, the need for heating can be reduced. When the humidity levels are lowered by 15%  then the indoor temperature can be reduced by up to 2.5 ° C. Should be placed on a flat surface.

Also available for hanging – perfect for stagnant air
The Torrbollen humidifier is also available as a hanging variant under the name Torrbollen Hanger. You can easily hang it directly on the hanger rod or on a hanger in the storage room or closet. In the caravan, boat or motorhome, the Torrbollen is great for keeping excess moisture away. Torrbollen Hanger is created for those who want to hang their Torrbollen on a hanger or in a closet. When it’s time for winter storage, there is also the possibility to complement with the Torrbollen Air Purifier to keep old stagnant air and odors away. To avoid being met by a musty smell when you open the doors for the season.

Also works well in the stables
In the stables, for example, the Torrbollen Mega works perfect because it can dehumidify large areas and keeps the humidity at the right level for both horses and humans.


Reduces the risk of mould

Mould often contributes to allergy problems. As Torrbollen® Dehumidifier removes excess moisture, the risk of mould in the space is reduced.


Keeps moisture levels under control

Torrbollen® Dehumidifier effectively removes excess moisture from the space it is placed in. When a healthy humidity level is reached, the process stops and the level then remains stable.

Removes bad odours

Moisture can carry bad odors. So using Torrbollen Dehumidifier also reduces odors and the space feels fresher.

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