Torrbollen® Air Purifier

Patented and certified Tea Tree Oil that removes mould, bacteria and bad odours naturally.

For a better environment


If you have problems with bad odours in your car, boat, caravan or home you’re in the right place. TORRBOLLEN® Air Purifier is a patented product made with Australian Tea Tree Oil, that breaks down the source of the problem naturally, thanks to its unique antiseptic properties that break down the unwanted particles that create bad odours and mould. The products can be used both preventively and to combat existing problems.

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Removes bad odours

Moisture can carry bad odours. So using Torrbollen® Air Purifier also reduces odours.

Reduces the risk of mould

Mould often contributes to allergy problems. As Torrbollen® Air Purifier removes excess moisture, the risk of mould is reduced.